Training on Internal Quality Assurance Series (TrainIQA)

The course book series tries to give guidance to higher education institutions and their “quality assurance agents” on their “quality journey”. We have collected well-established instruments and methodology from a range of European and international higher education systems. These are supposed to guide you through the many – and sometimes contradictory and conflicting – theories and approaches to quality assurance. We are fully aware that every institution needs to find its own way and approach to quality assurance. However, we base these course books on the experience we have collected in a range of higher education institution contexts throughout diverse international higher education systems. Some of the principles apply to any context, some of them will need to be made applicable to your own situation.
    The course book series focusses on five thematic fields:
  1. Designing Effective Quality Management Systems in Higher Education Institutions.
  2. Tools and Procedures for Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions.
  3. Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions.
  4. Information Management in Higher Education Institutions.
  5. Quality Management and its Linkages to Higher Education Management.


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