Online publication of your work – what you should know

Für Erstveröffentlichungen:
For the initial publication:
  • The full text of your publication as a PDF file with all pictures, graphics and tables.
    It is possible to upload additional files (source code, data, additional material).
  • An abstract (summary), if possible also in English
    Please insert this in the online form. A text editor is available for this purpose, which also allows you to enter source code such as HTML or MathML to a certain extent.
Für Zweitveröffentlichungen:
For secondary publications:
  • The full text of your publication as a PDF file with all pictures, graphics and tables in the version that may be published (preprint, postprint, publisher’s version).
  • Publication rights that allow you to make secondary publications.
    Further information on secondary publications can be found on our Open Access pages.
Please note that in order to protect personal data, information such as curriculum vitae, matriculation number, address data, date of birth etc. may and should be removed. We recommend that you remove these data and we reserve the right to make them unrecognisable if they can be found in the full text.

To ensure that your publication can be archived long-term, is readable and searchable, please note the following points when creating the PDF file:

  • All fonts and images used must be integrated into the file.
  • Do not use encryption or password protection, even for sub-functions such as printing or copying.
  • Please make sure that the PDF file is text-searchable and does not merely represent an image.
  • If possible, create your publication in PDF/A format.

Publications on DuEPublico always take place in Open Access. The author retains the rights to the publication. This means that "All rights reserved" always applies and thus, for the time being, only reading, downloading for personal use and use within the quotation right or the limitations of copyright law is permitted.

As an author, however, you can define terms of use for a publication by granting a free licence ("release some rights" or "reserve some rights").
Information on free licenses, such as Creative Commons licenses (CC licenses), can be found on the information pages of the University Library.

If you decide to publish your work under a free license, please remember to include the license notice in the PDF document as well.

In the case of secondary publications, other legal bases may apply.

Therefore do not hesitate to contact us:
Sonja Hendriks (0203 / 37-92027),
Daniela Haferkamp (0203 / 37-91463),
Elisabeth Wünnerke (0203 / 37-92016)

Step by step to online publication

We guide you step by step through the process. This is how the online publication in DuEPublico works:

  • Upload the file
  • Sign the author contract and e-mail it to or print, sign and send it by post to:

    Universitätsbibliothek Duisburg-Essen
    Team DuEPublico
    Lotharstraße 65, LK
    47057 Duisburg

  • Upon receiving the author contract, the metadata will be checked and the PDF document will be supplemented by an information box with data on DuEPublico, the identifiers and a possibly selected license.

    We activate the full text in DuEPublico, only then the text is accessible online worldwide.

  • The publication is sent to the German National Library for archiving.