andererseits - Yearbook of Transatlantic German Studies: Vol. 11/12, 2022/23

andererseits provides a forum for research, commentary, and creative work on topics related to the German-speaking world and the field of German Studies. Works presented in the publication come from a wide variety of genres including book reviews, poetry, essays, editorials, forum discussions, academic notes, lectures, and traditional peer-reviewed academic articles. In addition, we welcome contributions by journalists, librarians, archivists, and other commentators interested in German Studies broadly conceived. As a specifically transatlantic endeavor, we also highlight select topics in American Studies that impact German Studies. By publishing such a diverse array of material, we hope to demonstrate the extraordinary value of the humanities in general, and German Studies in particular, on a variety of intellectual and cultural levels.

This issue features sections about German Studies approaches to media literacy, Stephen Dowden's book »Modernism and Mimesis« and the poetics of ambiguous memory.


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