Rechter Kampf um die Betriebe – zum historischen und aktuellen Aufbau rechter Betriebsgruppen am Beispiel der Nationalsozialistischen Betriebszellenorganisation NSBO und „Zentrum (–Automobil)“

In 2022, far-right candidates standing for election to works councils in German companies attempted to gain more political influence within the labour force. Even though they had little success, such incursions divide workforces and endanger solidarity and companionship in a capitalist society increasingly hostile to progressive voices. With a view to the voting potential of the “Alternative für Deutschland” (AfD) among workers including works council and union members it is urgent to focus on this development as well as on its roots and ideological implications. Thus, an analysis of the politics of the German extreme right (“völkische Rechte”) of the 1930s and its attempt to capture the labour force through the NSBO (nationalsozialistische Betriebs-zellenorganisation) for the “Volksgemeinschaft” may shed new light on today’s surge in right-wing shop-floor politics.

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