Die Anfänge der proletarischen Frauenbewegung und ihre Internationalisierung zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts

Historians have given comparatively less attention to the research of the emergence and development of the proletarian women’s rights movement than to the bourgeois women’s rights movements. This may be due to the fact that bourgeois historians ignore the class antagonisms existing within the women’s movements or do not recognize the proletarian women’s movement as such because of its close links to the labour movement and its alignment with socialist parties. Thus, important aspects of the history of women’s emancipation tend to be overlooked. The article sheds light on the prehistory and first forms of organization of the women workers’ movement as well as the living and working conditions of the women involved. The women’s struggle was aimed at overturning any social condition perpetuating this inequality. Women were convinced that gender equality and the peaceful coexistence of all people could only be achieved in a socialist society. Throughout history, they have achieved successes and suffered defeats.
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