Mikrophysik des Widerstands : Alexander Kluges politische Philosophie der Gefühle

Universität Erfurt
Andrae, Steffen

This article deals with Alexander Kluge's understanding of feelings as a potentially produc-tive yet untapped form of political agency. Through an original reading of Marx and Freud Kluge develops a conception of Antagonistic Realism in which feelings appear as part of a rich aggregation of obstinate subjective capacities directed against the maintenance of the status quo. In my paper, I examine the broader societal-theoretical framework that guides Kluge's investigation, his idea of an anti-realism of feelings, as well as his reflections on their ideological engagement and their relationship to the political. Moreover, my arti-cle is an attempt to introduce Kluge's stimulating thought to discourses of critical social phi -losophy and political theory where it has hitherto been largely overlooked.


Zeitschrift diskurs


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Andrae, S.L., 2021. Mikrophysik des Widerstands: Alexander Kluges politische Philosophie der Gefühle. Gefühle des Widerstandes. https://doi.org/10.17185/diskurs/74369
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