Ein Jahr Gelbwesten: Anmerkungen zu Samuel Hayats „Die moralische Ökonomie und die Macht“

The “Gilets Jaunes” revolt has mobilized large parts of the politically disenfranchised and dispossessed classes. Tens of thousands of people have participated in the movement’s nationwide demonstrations, which have now been going on for well over a year, since December 2018. In “Moral Economy and Power,” Samuel Hayat attempts to assess the significance of E. P. Thompson’s notion of “moral economy” for the revolt. According to Hayat, the revolt is characterized by the invocation of an exclusive community and by the abandonment of an established social pact between rulers and ruled by the rulers. Critical queries must be made as to whether this pact really existed. It could be argued that, given the current state of democracy, the movement raises new questions allowing us to explore the notion of an alternative society.

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