Fachübergreifende Modelle : ProDaZ – Ein Projekt zur Qualifizierung für Sprachbildung und Mehrsprachigkeit an der UDE

Das Modellprojekt ProDaZ. Deutsch als Zweitsprache in allen Fächern am Institut Deutsch als Zweit- und Fremdsprache der Universität Duisburg-Essen (UDE) besteht seit 2010 und hat die kontinuierliche Berücksichtigung von Sprachbildung und Mehrsprachigkeit in der Schule in allen drei Phasen der Lehrer*innenbildung für alle Schulfächer und Schulformen zum Ziel.

The ProDaZ Model Project from the German as Second and/or Foreign Language Department commenced in 2010. Its objective is the mainstreaming of language and multilingualism in school and in all three phases of Teacher Education across all school subjects and types. In the following, three interdisciplinary co-operation projectsare cited exemplarily:</br> 1. “Remedial Classes for Children with an Immigration Background”. Last year 1,200 pupils participated in remedial classes, which were held by teacher training degree students with multicultural backgrounds. They gain not only teaching experience in small student groups, but also receive educational and professional training from further experienced teachers and scientific associates. During class, teachers implement Microteaching– Methods in order to develop and optimize skills in the context of linguistic and cultural heterogeneity.</br> 2. Pilot Project: “Motion Camp for Newly–arrived pupils”. Focused on integration, sports are one of the best means to help people communicate. In this case, we use posture, gestures and facial expressions as well as language for a successful communication. A co-operation between the “Remedial Classes for Children with an Immigration Background” and “Sport Sciences and Kinesiology” Department started this year with a “Motion Camp” project. In the long-term language and motion should be strongly intermeshed to language development.</br> 3. Rap as a method for language development. The Rap-Project was developed along with cooperation schools, in which it also takes place. It consists of lesson series, whose targets are in addition to the mediation of language and subject-related content, to enable the involved classes to create their own rap lines. The recording of the resulting song concludes the project phase and completed lesson series are published on the ProDaZ website. The project focuses on text based language development. Lesson series were also developed on specific topics at the request of schools.

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