Politische Lügen – ein ‚konstruktiver‘ und drei ‚destruktive‘ Prototypen

Our times are often described as ‘post-factual’, which shows in an incessantly increasing amount of lies in politics. Discussing Hannah Arendt’s writings (especially her essay Truth and Politics), this paper analyzes four types of political lies. They differ in their impact on the political sphere, on the facts, and the world based on them. Referring to influential political lies in recent history, it is shown that (1) ‘classical lies’ disguise particulars and common facts, (2) while ‘subliminal lies’ limit the validity of facts in general. (3) ‘Organized lies’ attack the foundation of political discussion and participation, in a radical, violent, and all-embracing way. (4) Only ‘transparent lies’ do not struggle with the facts and realities that underlie our political life, since facts are their basis and the foundation of their forming the world, as a way of Hannah Arendt’s ‘acting-in-concert’.

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