Arbeitsverhältnisse und Gesundheitszerstörung der Arbeitenden : Eine Forschungsskizze am Beispiel der Entwicklung in Deutschland seit 1970

The destruction of workers’ health was part of the calculus of Taylorist work organisation. The ‘humanisation of working life’ envisaged during the early 1970s was explicitly intended as a break with Taylorism. However, attempts to impinge upon the economic and ideological dominance of capital proved unsuccessful. Since then, there has developed a tendency for workers to neglect their health and well-being even in the absence of classic Taylorist hierarchies – a tendency euphemistically described, in academic discourse, as the ‘subjectivation of work.’ The resulting work-induced psychic disorders have been appositely described in terms of a ‘corrosion of character’ (Richard Sennett). The present realities of working life call for a health-oriented ‘labour politics from below’ capable of freeing workers from the grip of neoliberal working conditions.
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