On fully symmetric implicit closure approximations for fiber orientation tensors

A novel closure approximation method for fiber orientation tensors is proposed namely the fully symmetric implicit closure. Besides the full index symmetry, implicitly formulated closures based on the contraction condition fulfill the trace condition and the trace-preserving property of the Folgar–Tucker equation. As a first example, the fully symmetric implicit quadratic closure is considered as a simple modification of a recently proposed symmetric quadratic closure. It is shown that this closure can be realized by a fiber orientation distribution function. Secondly, the fully symmetric implicit hybrid closure is proposed as a counter-example of a closure not being based on a orientation distribution function. Both closures are compared against classical approximations in view of orientation evolution in a simple shear flow. Furthermore, the capability of predicting the effective viscous and elastic behavior of fiber suspensions and solid composites is investigated for a given fiber orientation state. The results show that the proposed implicit closures can be used to approximate the maximum entropy closure. Thereby, both the quadratic and the hybrid approach alleviate the high computational burden of the maximum entropy closure, as their evaluation requires solving a one-dimensional problem only. In addition, the predicted effective behavior based on the implicit closures shows an overall good agreement with predictions based on measured orientation data.


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