Von einzelnen Daten zu vernetzem Wissen : Forschungsdatenmanagement in einem interdisziplinären Verbundprojekt

Ein verantwortungsbewusster und transparenter Umgang mit Forschungsdaten ist für die Qualität zeitgemäßer wissenschaftlicher Forschung von wesentlicher Bedeutung. Mit einer großen Dynamik hat der „digitale Wandel“ auch die Denkweise im Bereich der Materialwissenschaften beeinflusst und die Zusammenarbeit durch gemeinsame und kombinierte Forschungsdaten in den Fokus gerückt.
Digital research data and the associ-ated tools and infrastructure already play an important role in modern research. In particular, interdisciplin-ary collaborative research has special requirements. These are not limited to the area of building and operat-ing software and hardware solutions as tools for improved research data management. It is even more impor-tant that joint research processes and guidelines be developed. Thanks to synergies and reuse, resources for optimizing institutional research data management can be used par-ticularly efficiently, and especially early career researchers benefit from this. In this context, the INF project offers clear added value as a central supporting service for the entire col-laborative project. Ultimately, modern research data management constitutes an impor-tant element of a successful digi-talization strategy for universities, ensures high data quality in the long term and makes various methods of computer-aided research possible in the first place. As a cornerstone for increased networking of research data, it is impossible to imagine future research without it. Although parts of the implementation are still a challenge, the benefits and gains of a successful integration with the research processes are already becoming apparent. In combination with a climate of progress in research policy, it opens up space for a vision of a scientific data environment in which the ‘FAIR’ handling of net-worked research data – from the collection, processing and storage of data to its archiving, publishing and reuse – brings comprehensive added value to society.
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