Elite Athletes Data Analysis

This dataset contains the R script that was used for the network analysis of sociodemographic, sport-related, medical and psychometric data of elite athletes data. The aim of the study was to assess data on mental health of elite athletes and investigate associations and interconnections among different variables using network analysis. Data was collected through a digital cross-sectional study. The survey collected sociodemographic data, including financial situation. Medical data covered body height, body mass, medications, and injuries within the last 12 months (regardless of type, location, and whether or not it was a contact injury). Since the survey addressed elite athletes, it also covered different sport-related data such as type of sports, years in elite sports, number of training units per week, duration of training units, etc. Moreover, five validated measures were used in the survey to assess aspects of mental health symptoms, namely generalized anxiety symptoms, depressive symptoms, somatic symptom disorder symptoms and psychological distress.

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