Repetition frequency tunability and stability of BH InAs/InP QD and InGaAsP/InP QW two-section mode-locked laser diodes

Ultra-high repetition rate (UHRR) mode-locked laser diodes (MLLD) have shown promising results for applications based on optical sampling such as asynchronous optical sampling (ASOPS), optical sampling by repetition-rate tuning (OSBERT), and optical ranging. Important metrics to consider are the repetition frequency (RF) and the RF linewidth. Here, we compare two monolithically integrated MLLDs. A quantum dot (QD) MLLD with an RF of approx. 50.1 GHz and a quantum well (QW) MLLD with an RF of approx. 51.4 GHz. The tunability of the RF is characterized by sweeping the lasers pump current, temperature, and saturable absorber (SA) reverse voltage. The QW MLLD has a tuning range of 31 MHz with an average RF linewidth of 53 kHz, while the QD MLLD has a smaller tuning range of 26 MHz with a higher average RF linewidth of 172 kHz.


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