Im Zwischenraum der Geschlechter : Geschlechtliche Ambiguität im Mediendiskurs der Bundesrepublik

Dieser Beitrag fragt, wie Personen im „Zwischenraum der Geschlechter“ in den Medien der Bundesrepublik beobachtet werden, und was dies über die vom binären Geschlechtermodell beherrschte soziale Umwelt aussagt.
Using two examples, this paper provides insight into the questionat the centre of subproject 1 and its approach in investigating gender ambiguity, the blurring of the distin-ction between men and women, in the media discourse of the Federal Republic of Germany. The first example is located at the beginningof the period under investigation. It refers to a debate that took place in the late 1960s and early 1970s about intersex athletes from Eastern Bloc countries who achieved great suc-cess in international sporting events.Various articles from the German quality press (Die ZeitandFrank-furter Allgemeine Zeitung) are the primary sources for this passage. The second example is located at the end of the period under investigation,at the turn of the millennium. A mass-produced publication is evalua-ted: an illustratedSTERNarticlethat tells the story of a boy who was raised as a girl due to genital mutila-tion, but later returned to the male role. For both examples, the forms and accompanying circumstancesof gender-based differentiation are analysed, with a particular interestin the respective roles of medicine and science on the one hand, and the handling of the self-perceptions of the affected people on the other.
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