Is it alright to use artificial intelligence in digital health? : A systematic literature review on ethical considerations

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) not only yields in advantages for healthcare but raises several ethical questions. Extant research on ethical considerations of AI in digital health is quite sparse and a holistic overview is lacking. A systematic literature review searching across 853 peer-reviewed journals and conferences yielded in 50 relevant articles categorized in five major ethical principles: beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy, justice, and explicability. The ethical landscape of AI in digital health is portrayed including a snapshot guiding future development. The status quo highlights potential areas with little empirical but required research. Less explored areas with remaining ethical questions are validated and guide scholars’ efforts by outlining an overview of addressed ethical principles and intensity of studies including correlations. Practitioners understand novel questions AI raises eventually leading to properly regulated implementations and further comprehend that society is on its way from supporting technologies to autonomous decision-making systems.


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