Determination and systematization of load situations for eBike drive units as basis for their design and optimization

TU Ilmenau, Product and Systems Engineering Group, Bosch eBike Systems, 72770 Reutlingen, Germany
Steck, Marco; Husung, Stephan;
Bosch eBike Systems, 72770 Reutlingen, Germany
Hassler, Julien

Currently, eBikes are becoming increasingly popular, which means that the pressure for better drive units is constantly growing. Compared to the first models, the dimensions and weight of the drive units have been significantly reduced despite increased performance. For further optimization of the drive unit, precise knowledge of the real field load is essential. To determine this, pedal force measurements were carried out in common riding situations in order to transfer these into a bicycle-specific load collective. The analysis of the pedal force measurements shows not only clear differences between the individual riding situations but also to the existing normative requirements for eBike drive units, which are discussed in this paper.

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IFToMM D-A-CH Conference


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