A bicentric approach evaluating the combination of a hemispheric cup with a novel ceramic head in total hip arthroplasty

Medical ceramics are frequently used biomaterials as a liner in total hip arthroplasty. Strong efforts have been made to improve material properties over the last decades. Alumina toughened zirconia ceramics seem to be promising alternatives to further reduce fracture rates and squeaking phenomena. To answer the question if alumina toughened zirconia ceramic liners in combination with a cementless, hemispheric cup are able to reduce squeaking phenomena and fracture rates, we initiated a bicentric, mid-term trial. Noise phenomena will be recorded using MONA Score (Melbourne Orthopaedic Noise Assessment). Functional outcome (Harris Hip Score, University of California-Los Angeles, Forgotten Joint Score, EQ-5D Score, Visual Analogue Scale) and radiographic parameters will serve as secondary parameters. The study has been set up for 5 years, with follow-ups after 6-14 weeks, 12, 24 and 60 months.


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