Experiences with Establishing a Simulation Scenario of the City of Duisburg with Real Traffic Volume

This article presents the experience of building a simulation scenario of the whole city of Duisburg using real traffic data. The establishment of the simulation scenario is based on road network and traffic volume. In most cases, it is hard to collect all data sources with high precision. Moreover, it is time-consuming to set up a realistic traffic scenario. Even with available data, conversion, calibration, and validation all take a large effort. With the increase of the respective simulation area, the difficulty and workload rise. In this study, a simulation scenario of the whole city of Duisburg with the road network area of 232 km2 and Origin/Destination (OD) matrix area over 800 km2 was established in the software package SUMO. Four cases with different networks and traffic volumes were built and compared with real traffic data collected from induction loops. The percentage of simulated traffic volume in real traffic volume range can be up to 72.22%.


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