NoVaMigra Bibliography

This bibliography, which is intended as a resource for public action as well as for further work in the NoVaMigra project, collects important references from philosophy as well as, to an extent, from other disciplines such as anthropology and law. These references concern (1) articulations of central normative concepts such as values, norms and (human) rights; (2) important approaches for conceiving of the relations between these concepts. We call these approaches the rights-/norms-based approach and the value-based approach and they also offer two distinct ways to reconstruct the EU’s normative commitments. (3) The bibliography concludes with a section with references that specifically concern refugees.




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Philips, J., Düwell, M. (Eds.), 2018. NoVaMigra Bibliography, NoVaMigra - Deliverable: Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis.
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