Tafelbilder online : Lösungen zur Verbindung interaktiver Hörsaaltechnologie mit modernen Kommunikations- und Informationsmedien

Der Einsatz moderner webgestützter Hörsaaltechnologie an der Universität macht Präsenzveranstaltungen nicht überflüssig oder vermag sie gar zu ersetzen, sondern versteht sich eher als ihre sinnvolle Ergänzung. Dieser Beitrag ist ein Erfahrungsbericht mit einer speziell bei den Duisburger Ingenieuren entwickelten Technologie, dem von der ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Fakultät ausgezeichneten, so genannten iPAL-System.

In many universities, including Duisburg-Essen, lecture rooms are being equipped with modern technology, particularly with electronic whiteboards that offer pen-based input, similar to traditional chalkboards. At the same time, wireless networks open digital communication channels between lecture halls and “the outside world”. This enables the integration of authentic material created during presence lectures with web-based learning support systems. This article describes the “iPAL” system, which was designed and implemented in the Institute for Computer Science and Interactive Systems of the University of Duisburg-Essen. The system allows instructors to upload the slides they created during a lecture and integrates this with a variety of interaction opportunities for the students (e. g. wikis and discussion forums) and with exercise group management. During the summer term 2004, the system was elected the Best Web Support for Lectures within the Faculty of Engineering. Evaluations of system usage show that the students who used the system most also performed best in written exams.



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