Oxidative Addition of Diethylchalcogenanes to Lapperts Germylene and Stannylene

Oxidative addition of diethyldichalcogenanes Et2E2 (E = S, Se, Te) to bis[bis(trimethylsilyl]amido]germylene and ‐stannylene M[N(SiMe3)2]2 (M = Ge, Sn) proceed with formation of the corresponding bis(ethylchalcogenato)germanes (Me3Si)2N)2Ge(EEt)2 [E = S (1), Se (2), Te (3)] and ‐stannanes (Me3Si)2N)2Sn(EEt)2 [E = S (4), Se (5), Te (6)]. The solid state structures of 16 were determined by single‐crystal X‐ray diffraction.


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