Behandlung von Herzklappenerkrankungen ohne operativen Eingriff : Innovatives Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekt

Einer der wesentlichen Bereiche der Medizin, in der die Entwicklungen in der Medizintechnik eine herausragende Rolle spielen, ist die Kardiologie. Trotz der Fortschritte sind bis heute ganze Krankheitsbilder nicht oder nur unzureichend minimalinvasiv behandelbar. Umso wichtiger ist es, in diesem Bereich zu forschen.
Mitral regurgitation is one of the leading causes of valve malfunction in humans. Based on demographic changes such as increased life expectancy, the rate of valvular diseases is set to increase in the coming decades. Currently, surgical procedures are the gold standard for the treatment of valvular diseases; however, innovative, efficient and minimally invasive techniques are also needed to cure inoperable patients. The current project includes a patent to address mitral regurgitation with a minimally invasive device and this article describes the process from the idea stage to the full protection of the intellectual property (IP). In particular it focuses on the sector within the university structure which deals with the protection of the IP, enabling the transition from a research project to a clinical device, which can be used to help people with this common cardiovascular malfunction. The project has been awarded first prize in the competition „ZukunftErfindenNRW“ (“Inventing the Future, North Rhine Westphalia”).
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