Ästhetische Sprachbildung : Mehr Sprachen – mehr Kulturen – mehr Bildung

Die größte Herausforderung, die Schulen respektive Pädagog*innen zu bewältigen haben, ist die Lebenswirklichkeit einer durch Mehrsprachigkeit und kulturelle Vielfalt geprägten Gesellschaft zu verstehen und Empathie zu entwickeln.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the German as a Second and/or Foreign Language Department‘s existence, it would be helpful to first present a brief overview of the past few years. We will take only partial insights into certain stages of its set-up phase. The main focus will be on the manifold work of the Institute in the here and now. Since its beginning, the mission of the Institute has been to prepare prospective teachers of all school forms and levels for their heterogeneous pupils. Among other things, this preparation include, empathy development and a change of perspective. Furthermore, establishing the learning conditions in which sensory perception is activated for bringing the cognitive, emotional and physical interactions even more in line with each other. Rather than being a trivial issue, aesthetic education constitutes the fundamental component of personality development throughout one‘s life.

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