Vom ethischen Frame zum Risikodispositiv : Der gewandelte Diskurs zur Stammzellforschung und ihren Anwendungen

Lehrstuhl für Politische Theorie der Universität Duisburg- Essen
Gerhards, Helene;
Martinsen, Renate
Im Forschungsprojekt MuRiStem-Pol geht es darum, zukunftsorientierte Erzählungen über die Stammzellforschung und ihre Anwendungen in Medizin, Pharmakologie, Toxikologie und weiteren Applikationsbereichen mit Mitteln der qualitativen Sozialforschung zu rekonstruieren, da den dabei transportierten positiven und negativen Visionen eine steuernde Wirkung im Hinblick auf die Entwicklung der Stammzelltechnologie in der Gegenwart zukommt.
The perception of increasing risks and the growing contingency of biomedical decisions in modern societies demands for structural mechanisms in political systems that are able to absorb uncertainties. From the perspective of stem cell governance, it is thus important that political decision-makers identify responsive structures for potential paths of technology development in society as early as possible, in order to prevent later frictions and to promote a climate of acceptance by means of preventive strategies. Within our project MuRiStem-Pol, which is currently work in progress, we conduct an in-depth analysis of empirical risk communications on stem cell research and its applications in German society using methods of qualitative social research and evaluate them with a view to recommendations for political decision-making. To analyse the discursively contested futures of stem cell research we apply an innovative approach in the social study of technology (“vision assessment”). The assumptions of the study are: first that in the public discourses on stem cell research a shift from an ethical frame to dispositifs of risk has occurred, and second that positive as well as negative visions conveyed in these future-oriented discourses have an important influence on the way decisions are shaped in the present.
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