Philosophische Perspektiven auf Risiko : Ein Überblick

Königliche Technische Hochschule in Stockholm
Hansson, Sven Ove

Das Nachdenken über Risiko wirft in vielen Bereichen der Philosophie Fragen auf. In dieser Übersicht soll das innovative Potential des Nachdenkens über Risiko für die verschiedenen Bereiche der Philosophie aufgezeigt werden.

Deliberations on risk raise a multitude of questions in all areas of philosophical inquiry. Within the philosophy of language, interesting questions arise concerning the definition of risk. Those questions, in turn, are closely related to argumentation theory. The assessment of risk specific arguments, in particular, is pertinent to this area. There are important metaphysical issues regarding the nature and the existence of risks. Debates surrounding the objectivity and/or subjectivity of risks, as well as those regarding their human or non-human origins fall into the same category. Epistemology is concerned with the status of our knowledge about risks. Questions about the scope and methodologyof our scientific investigations of risk are examined in the philosophy of science. Which risks are morally acceptable is a question that moral philosophy aims to answer. Technical devices to cope with risks are considered in the philosophy of technology. The political dimensions of decisions under risk are part and parcel of political philosophy. In this article, the innovative potential of thinking about risk for the various areas of philosophy is substantiated.

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