Der Funktionsbegriff : Zur Illusion von Linearität und anderen Hürden beim Funktionalen Denken

Am Ende der Schulzeit bleiben bei vielen Schüler*innen oft nur leere Begriffshülsen mathematischer Konzepte. Um hier Abhilfe zu schaffen, müssen Lernende den inhaltlichen Kern der Begriffe wirklich verstehen. Wie dies gelingen kann und welche Hürden Schüler*innen dabei nehmen müssen, erläutert der Artikel am Beispiel des Funktionsbegriffs.
When students leave school, mathematical concepts and notions may still be meaningless, at least to some of them. To remedy this situation, learners must be helped to understand the very core of mathematical notions and associated concepts. How this can be achieved and which obstacles learners must overcome is shown in relation to the notion of “function”. Special attention is given to obstacles which are encountered by a variety of students on their individual learning path in the form of common misconceptions. They include an overgeneralization of linear relationships, also known as illusion of linearity.
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