Nanoscale interface confinement of ultrafast spin transfer torque driving non-uniform spin dynamics

Spintronics had a widespread impact over the past decades due to transferring information by spin rather than electric currents. Its further development requires miniaturization and reduction of characteristic timescales of spin dynamics combining the sub-nanometre spatial and femtosecond temporal ranges. These demands shift the focus of interest towards the fundamental open question of the interaction of femtosecond spin current (SC) pulses with a ferromagnet (FM). The spatio-temporal properties of the impulsive spin transfer torque exerted by ultrashort SC pulses on the FM open the time domain for probing non-uniform magnetization dynamics. Here we employ laser-generated ultrashort SC pulses for driving ultrafast spin dynamics in FM and analysing its transient local source. Transverse spins injected into FM excite inhomogeneous high-frequency spin dynamics up to 0.6 THz, indicating that the perturbation of the FM magnetization is confined to 2 nm.


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