Quality development and standards in learning, education, and training : adaptation model and guidelines for implementations

University of Duisburg-Essen (www.uni-due.de) Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems 45141 Essen
Stracke, Christian M.
This article focuses on quality development in Learning, Education, and Training (LET) and on quality standards as appropriate instruments for corresponding activities. Quality standards are supporting the adoption and implementation of quality development throughout the whole organisation. Based on the introduced definition of quality development, the benefits of quality standards are presented. Especially the first ISO quality standard for learning, education, and training "RFDQ" (ISO/IEC 19796-1) offers a promising potential for the raise of quality awareness and the involvement of all stakeholders. The presented adaptation model IDEA for the implementation of the quality standard is the main focus looking at the specific given situation and organisation.


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