Transnationale Lernprozesse in Cd. Juárez, Mexiko : von der Maquiladora zum Knoten im Globalen Industrienetzwerk

Ciudad Juárez is considered to be a very dynamic city. The number of enterprises in manufac-turing has grown over the past few decades, especially the “maquiladora” industries. Nowa-days, these manufacturing industries are characterized not only by assembly work but also by complex tasks. The workers are required to have more knowledge than before, and the tasks include more scientific skills. Such learning processes are the subject of this investigation. In this study, the processes of learning are seen as new R&D departments in the plant, re-cruitment of highly qualified personnel, and employee training programmes. Learning processes are understood as a mental construction of the actors who transform the enterprise significantly. In the case of Northern Mexico, transnational processes are very im-portant.


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