The Financing of UN Peace Operations : An Analysis from a Global Public Good Perspective

The present report argues on the assumption that UN peace operations represent intermediate international public goods that yield a number of positive externalities – such as peace and security, enhanced international stability and respect for human rights. The potential benefits that can be derived from these operations critically depend on how the international commu-nity decides to provide and finance them. Despite the fact that the financing of UN peace operations is a crucial component of their production path, there have been surprisingly few attempts to examine whether and how the UN has adjusted the international public financing system underlying the provision of its operations to the complex tasks the organization is asked to undertake. The present study contributes to a better understanding of UN peace operations as international public goods and fills this gap by providing an up-to-date analysis of the several existing international financing mechanisms and tools created by the UN to help foster better allocation to its operations. It summarizes important UN internal reform proc-esses related to their use and offers policy recommendations for a more integrated and innova-tive financing approach to UN peace operations as international public goods.


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