Demokratie und Identität : Anti-Genderismus als Versuch der Schließung des Sozialen

The paper pursues the thesis, that the phenomenon of anti-genderism is a specific harm for democracy insofar as we understand democracy as a particular way of relating to the Political, namely as the acceptance, that the ‚place of power‘ is ‚a void‘, as Lefort resp. Laclau & Mouffe would denote it. In these premises democracy – and all kind of positions of subjects located in this relation to the Political - becomes a permanent struggle for identity. Against this theoretical background, we want to analyze Ulrich Kutscheras perspective on the differentiation between sex and gender to show how science can become such an articulation of a political struggle for identity and how such a position becomes compatible to right-wing articulations, whereupon we want to ask what consequences arise for democracy against the backdrop of such a confrontation of democracy with an anti-genderistic articulation.

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