Fully automated preoperative liver volumetry incorporating the anatomical location of the central hepatic vein

The precise preoperative calculation of functional liver volumes is essential prior major liver resections, as well as for the evaluation of a suitable donor for living donor liver transplantation. The aim of this study was to develop a fully automated, reproducible, and quantitative 3D volumetry of the liver from standard CT examinations of the abdomen as part of routine clinical imaging. Therefore, an in-house dataset of 100 venous phase CT examinations for training and 30 venous phase ex-house CT examinations with a slice thickness of 5 mm for testing and validating were fully annotated with right and left liver lobe. Multi-Resolution U-Net 3D neural networks were employed for segmenting these liver regions. The Sørensen-Dice coefficient was greater than 0.9726 ± 0.0058, 0.9639 ± 0.0088, and 0.9223 ± 0.0187 and a mean volume difference of 32.12 ± 19.40 ml, 22.68 ± 21.67 ml, and 9.44 ± 27.08 ml compared to the standard of reference (SoR) liver, right lobe, and left lobe annotation was achieved. Our results show that fully automated 3D volumetry of the liver on routine CT imaging can provide reproducible, quantitative, fast and accurate results without needing any examiner in the preoperative work-up for hepatobiliary surgery and especially for living donor liver transplantation.


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