Die Privatsphäre dreht am Rad : Was Räder verraten können

In diesem Artikel zeigen wir, wie und wo Daten im Auto abgegriffen werden können und demonstrieren anschließend, wie aus scheinbar harmlosen Daten überraschende Informationen gewonnen werden können.

In this article, we show how driver behavior can be assessed using wheel speeds only. In addition, we show that the vehicle’s location can also be derived from its wheel speeds. Wheel speeds can be read easily from the vehicle’s CAN bus and acceleration information as well as the distances and turns traveled can then be calculated from them.We have developed algorithms that can use this data both to assess driving behavior and to reconstruct the likely traveled route on a map. This has privacy implications, since seemingly harmless data can be used to reveal sensitive information about drivers. For example, if we combine the results of the algorithms with the names and locations of vehicle owners, we can tell from both who was driving the car. Furthermore, it is likely that the location of the vehicle in the evening is the owner’s home. Thus, drivers may unintentionally reveal more information about themselves than they intended when sharing their vehicle data.

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