„Die Kompanie bittet um eine exemplarische Bestrafung“ oder „Ich habe mir nichts dabei gedacht, ich habe es nicht mit Absicht getan“. : Wehrmachtshelferinnen vor der Militärjustiz

In her essay on female helpers for the German armed forces in WW II, the “Wehrmacht,” Christiane Rothmaler sets out to analyse the accusations raised against these women in military tribunals. While there is an abundance of scientific literature on male soldiers being tried in military tribunals, comparatively little can be found on women exposed to these repressive institutions. The small number of studies on these accused women focus on offences such as “Illicit elopement from troops,” “Aiding and abetting of desertion,” “Subversion of the Wehrmacht,” thus concentrating on some form of subaltern resistance. Women tried for “Thievery,” “Document forgery” or “Abortion,” however, have thus far not had the same degree of attention, suggesting a “blind spot” of scientific and feminist research. By way of a close reading of the files of more than 100 women tried in military tribunals the author provides insights into how the Nazi military justice followed the fascist conceptions of Nazi ideology.

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