Die Besonderheit der heutigen Krise

Stiftung für Sozialgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts, Bremen
Bologna, Sergio
The author, a researcher on global supply chains and logistics, argues that the crisis in global logistics unfolding in 2020/21 can only be understood as one of the physical internet exposing a pre-existing, but hidden, fragility of supply chains. Contrary to fears of logistics managers who viewed cyber attacks as the most likely threat, the coronavirus crisis and the ensuing policies of “social distancing” proved that labour, both in production and in services, is the main force impinging on an unaltered flow of goods. While lorry drivers and seafarers were the groups of labourers most affected by the current crisis, the author argues that struggles over wages and working conditions that migrant labourers in logistics have maintained throughout the last decade offer glimpses of hope for a renewed cycle of social struggles.
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