Was stört? Anmerkungen zur Repressionsentwicklung und zur mediterranen „Black Box“ der EU

In his essay, Helmut Dietrich discusses current EU strategies for the repression of refugee assistance: on the one hand, the humanitarian-based criminalization of suspected boat drivers accused of smuggling and endangering human lives, and on the other, the formation of a kind of enemy criminal law against a solidary refugee monitoring that draws attention to the silent mass deaths in the Mediterranean and is increasingly being fought with paramilitary and intelligence methods. The unfettered and lawless prosecution of so-called boat drivers has now led to the emergence of a large new prison population in Greece, and the anti-terrorist charges and investigations against solidarity-based transnational grassroots initiatives are unprecedented in Europe. Helmut Dietrich proposes two responses to these criminalizations: developing an everyday political as well as social attention to “boat drivers” imprisoned in Southern Europe, and countering the criminalization of supporters on the EU periphery with refusal and protests in the EU centers.

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