Greening a cement plant using sCO2 power cycle

This paper presents a case study for the greening of a cement plant located in India. Operating characteristics of the plant are described as well as sustainability actions previously undertaken to meet power requirements supplied by one of two subcritical coal boilers with renewables (photovoltaic and wind) and use of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to augment the cement kiln’s heat requirements. The feasibility of deploying a sCO2 power cycle was determined to recover waste heat from different extraction points. Current assessment indicates opportunities for a Demo plant to extract 700 kWe (Turbine power output) while minimally disturbing plant operations. The Demo is expected to provide data for a larger, 8MWe (net) sCO2-derived power at higher turbine inlet temperatures and with potentially increased MSW use. Deployment of the larger sCO2 system could lead to partially or fully replacing the second coal boiler, leading to further “greening” of the plant with a potentially attractive payback period. Related modeling and design considerations are described.

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