10MW-Class sCO2 Compressor Test Facility at University of Notre Dame

The compressor is a key component in closed loop Brayton Cycles and advanced electrothermal energy storage systems The use of sCO2 as the primary working fluid had many advantages for these systems. However, due to the unique operating conditions and fluid properties, there remains significant challenges for the development of high efficiency compression systems with sCO2. Detailed experimental measurements from sCO2 compressors are extremely difficult to obtain, given the small size and very high power requirements. This has limited the majority of current experimental results to very small scale, single stage, centrifugal compressors. Larger, multi stage axial compressors are of significant interest for sCO2 systems, but have not been subject to experimental investigations.

The present communication describes the design and salient characteristics of a new, 10MW class closed loop sCO2 or CO2 compressor test facility. The 10MW drive system allows for a physical scale that allows testing of both axial and centrifugal compressor types with flow passages large enough to enable detailed experimental meas urements. including survey s through the flow passage, steady and unsteady performance measurements, and aeromechanical measurements on vanes or blades.

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