Designing online formative assessment that promotes students' reasoning processes

Harel, Raz; Olsher, Shai; Yerushalmy, Michal

Automated online formative assessment of students' work in a rich digital environment has the potential to support and develop students' reasoning process. Previous studies have presented the challenge of designing e-tasks. Here we focus on the challenge of designing a personal online formative assessment that supports the students' reasoning process. A common type of online formative assessment is elaborated feedback. We provide a design principle for elaborated online feedback of students’ work on an online example-eliciting task (EET) using the Seeing the Entire Picture (STEP) platform. We demonstrate two cases of attribute isolation elaborated feedback (AIEF) design, and the case of a pair of students who used the AIEF to support their reasoning process.


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Harel, R., Brunström, M., Yerushalmy, M., 2020. Designing online formative assessment that promotes students’ reasoning processes. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching – ICTMT 14.
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