Angewandte Biomechanik für den Sport und die Industrie : Universitäre Forschung zur Produktoptimierung

Dieser Beitrag zeigt an Hand eigener Erfahrungen und Arbeiten in den Sport- und Bewegungswissenschaften auf, welche Anwendungsmöglichkeiten sich aus biomechanischer Forschung ergeben können. Oft gehen sie weit über den Sportbereich hinaus.
The value of biomechanical research for industrial applications is presented here. Based on his academic and employment history the author describes his research, patent experiences, funding resources and the interaction with industry for testing and developing commercial products. From his work in the field of biomechanics, new capacitive and piezoelectric pressure distribution measuring systems were developed for sports and technical application. Based on the experiences as a physics student in Frankfurt and his doctoral studies in the USA, the author compares industrial research funding approaches at German and American universities. The testing of sports equipment led to several industry contacts for the improvement of their products, also providing valuable financial support for fundamental research and the employment of students. The university’s Science Support Centre was helpful in the management of patent applications and license contracts, generating valuable revenues for the university and the biomechanics laboratory.
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