Wohin der Zeitgeist weht. Eine Auseinandersetzung mit dem Griechenlandhistoriker Heinz A. Richter. Zweiter Teil

This essay is a critical discussion of the German revisionist historian Heinz A. Richter. Richter is a very productive writer on modern Greece, but has never, until recently, exerted substantial influence on the historiography of German-Greek relations during the 20th century, and more particularly on the historiography of the occupation of Greece in 1941–1944. This has changed in recent years, as Richter has begun to justify, from a historical viewpoint, the German government’s harsh austerity policies towards Greece. The essay presents a critical review of the methodological deficits, ideological fictions and alarming prejudices in Richter’s writing, especially with regard to his attempt to rehabilitate the collaboration between the German occupants and the Nazi faction of the Greek establishment during World War II. Part 1 of the polemic has been published in Sozial.Geschichte Online, 21 (2017).

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