Ein unterdrücktes und verdrängtes Kapitel der Heimgeschichte : Arzneimittelstudien an Heimkindern

In the Federal Republic of Germany sedating drugs were administered to children in institutional care during the period from 1950 to about 1975. The article shows that effects and side effects of drugs not yet available on the market were tested on those children. So far there is evidence for about fifty medication studies undertaken, and it can be assumed that the actual number is much higher. In none of the cases the children or their legal representatives were advised about the medication tests or had given their approval. The tested drugs belong to the groups of vaccines, psychotropics, and libido suppressors. Involved were pharmaceutical companies, the medics of child care institutions as well as the Federal Health Office and the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs. The article shows the continuity of persons involved and responsibilities since the time of German National Socialism.
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