Stop that train – Entwicklung und Aktualität der No-TAV-Bewegung gegen die Hochgeschwindigkeitstrasse Turin–Lyon

For almost 20 years, the inhabitants of Italy’s Susa Valley have resisted the construction of the TAV, a high-speed railway line meant to connect Turin and Lyon, Italy and France. Ecological and health concerns lay at the origin of the protest movement, as the projected construction activities would heavily impact an Alpine valley already marred by several expressways and industrial sites; moreover, the valley already disposes of an (underused) long-distance railway line. The movement has however gone beyond ecological and health concerns, critically addressing the management of large infrastructural projects and the economic interests behind them. The central issue has become that of reappropriating the territory as a public good, i.e. disposing of and deciding over territorial development and people’s future. The article discusses the recent evolution of the No-TAV movement with reference to the summer of 2011, analyses the movement’s specific features and future prospects and discusses its general relevance to other social movements in contemporary Italy.
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