Macht und Ohnmacht des Korporatismus : Eine Skizze zu den aktuellen Arbeitskämpfen in Deutschland

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, urban and ecological social movements have been comparatively strong and visible in Germany. On the other hand, strikes and other forms of labor unrest seem to have vanished or have at least not been covered by the mainstream media. This does not mean they do not exist: struggles against precarization and the deterioration of working conditions are taking place, but in a more decentralized and disarticulated way than during the four years before the crisis. One of the reasons consists in the systematic integration of the trade union leadership and a major part of its rank-and-file members into crisis management strategies and forms of tripartite corporatism. The article points out that this might be an ambivalent process that could ultimately produce further precarization and thus more social conflicts and labor unrest.
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