Identitätskontrolle pharmazeutischer Hilfsstoffe mit Hilfe der NIR-Spektroskopie und Aufbau einer entsprechenden Datenbank

Pharmaceutical adjuvants or excipients are important ingredients of medicaments. These substances are used as support and for building the matrix for the active ingredients. In this way, the active ingredients will be realised in accurately and defined way at the specific site of action. In this study, the most important pharmaceutical adjuvants are characterised and analysed via near infrared-spectroscopic methods. The powdery samples were measured by means of diffuse reflectance with six NIR-spectrometer. The obtained NIR-spectra were used to build a near infrared spectra library based on SpecInfo systems of the firm Chemical Concepts. Furthermore, discrimination analysis were carried out, while reference spectra were compared with the database for performing an identity control.


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