Untersuchungen zum Einsatz von Höchstspannungskabeln großer Längen in der 400-Ebene

The examinations in the work above describe the technical and economical conse-quences when long distance ultra high voltage cables are integrated into the 400-kV-Net. The special achievement of this work is the specification of the technical and eco-nomical figures and limiting values of Compensation devices for high voltage cables along the cable, series connection of ultra high voltage cable and overhead transmission lines or decreased frequency in parts of the transmission net. Due to the high reactive power demand of ultra high voltage cables the limit of maximum transmittable power is already reached at low distances. A compensation device implemented at the beginning, along the transmission line or at the end of the transmission line leads to an increase of this limit. Through this implementation the devices will have reverse interactions with the net, which also are examined within the work. Besides a special compensation device it is also possible to compensate the ultra high voltage cables through a series connection to an overhead transmission line. Additionally it is also possible to change the frequency in limited areas of the net to reduce the transmission losses and to increase the maximum transmittable power through a transmission line. The limitation values are examined within the work. Those types of compensation methods can be valuable within city areas where topographical limitations are given. Finally the work defines economical aspects of these options and gives perspectives of the optimum constellation concerning cost and expenses of transmission lines.



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