Funkenspektrometrische Stickstoffbestimmung in niedriglegierten Stählen unter Berücksichtigung der Einzelfunkenspektrometrie

This paper deals with the possibilities of using spark emission spectrometry to determine nitrogen contents in low-alloy steels. Several spectrometers, whose installation sites include two automatic laboratories at Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG in Duisburg, were used to carry out the practical work. Once the appropriate analysis line had been selected and the excitation conditions had been optimised, calibrations were carried out and spectral intereferences and analytic performance data were determined. Finally, the analysis results obtained from the production samples during manual and automatic operation were compared using the carrier gas hot extraction method, which is the standard reference method. Single spark spectrometry forms another focus. This makes it possible to register and evaluate the intensities of every single spark transfer. It also enables information to be obtained concerning the qualitative and quantitative composition of inclusions in steel, e.g. nitrides. The decomposition behaviour of inclus ons over time was analysed by spark discharges with the help of both SEM-EDX and single spark spectrometry.


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