Integrierte Ansteuerschaltungen für mikromechanische Flächenlichtmodulatoren

In this thesis a circuit technology is described, which enables an integrated controling of an active matrix of micromechanic spatial light modulators (SLM). Possible applications areas for micromechanic spatial light modulators are projection of still or moving images, maskless lithography and adaptive optics. Especially in the areas of lithography and adaptive optics typical requirements of light modulators are high optical resolutions, high accuracy of modulation and fast addressing in order to enable a fast image repetition rate. The developed circuits are optimised for use as a maskless litography system and provide a minimum pixel pitch of 16 mm. Demonstrators with image areas of 256 x 256 pixels and a modulation resolution of 16 steps on each pixel enabled a minimum geometric lithographic resolution of less than 20 nm, using today available optics.


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