N4-Chelatelektroden für die organische Elektrosynthese, N4-chelate electrodes for organic electrosyntheses

The electrocatalytic characteristics of N4-chelatele electrodes is well known for several redox reactions. The N4-chelate can function thereby according to the principle of the heterogeneous redox catalysis as an intermediate fixed at the electrode surface. The main problem is the limited service life of such electrodes which prohibits the practical application in organic electrosyntheses. The electrochemical properties of N4-chelate electrodes and specially of copper phthalocyanine electrodes were investigated using several electrochemical methods. The results of these measurements lead into a significant refinement of the models of heterogenous redox reaction at N4-chelates. Furthermore models for the degradation process of N4-chelate electrodes could be derived. Finally, quite stable electodes were produced and tested.


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